Cades Cove Photos

Photos by Nye Simmons
cades cove fall colors in smoky mountains national park   cades cove dogwoods in smoky mountains national park   cades cove sunrise in smoky mountains national park
Cades Cove Fall Color   Cades Cove Dogwoods   Cades Cove Clouds

The lush valley of Cades Cove offers a classic American landscape. With easy road access and pull offs to stop and take pictures, this iconic Smoky Mountains scene photographs well in any season. The beautiful trees and picturesque church look particularly pretty in pictures at sunrise and sunset.

Besides guiding you to the best places to photograph the beautiful mountains, rivers, historic buildings and wildlife found in Cades Cove, Travel Photo Guides Great Smoky Mountains National Park iPhone app also shows you where to find and take photos of other scenic sections of the Park off of Highway 441 and Foothills Parkway, among other areas and sites.

Smoky Mountains National Park features spectacular views of the mountains and peaks of the Smokies, the Appalachian Trail, old-growth forests, rivers, waterfalls and cascades. The Park has a wide variety of wildlife to take photos of including black bears, white-tail deer and birds like wild turkeys. Maple trees, flowering dogwoods and other deciduous trees turn gorgeous fall colors, and delicate spring wildflowers such as trillium, rhododendron, azaleas, columbine and iris bloom throughout the Park during spring and summer. There is easy access to trails for hiking, back packing, rock climbing and camping where you can find all these beautiful views to enjoy and photograph.



Camera Equipment Used in Photos

These photos were taken with large and medium format film and digital cameras.  Nikon shooters will prefer a D3 or a D90.  Other full frame  or APS-C cameras such as the Nikon d300 or Canon 7D will work as well.  Many landscape photographers  consider   a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens an essential piece of camera equipment.  Wildlife shots will require a Nikon 70-300mm VR or longer. These lenses is available for most digital cameras including DSLRs  from Leica, Pentax, Sony, Sigma and Olympus.

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